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Rachel has been creating surface pattern design since 2001 and has an extensive portfolio of unique and original artwork. She engages business to business on design projects for Retail, Museums, Companies, and Charities, etc. She works both to commission, and in the licensing of her work. She has collaborated with brands such as The Art Fund, Warner Textile Archive, and Charbonnel et Walker.


Rachel has many years of experience overseeing and directing design projects for various companies. Illustration is her main medium, but she also uses photography and paper cut-outs, as well as deriving pattern from pre-existing materials from museum archives. She is experienced in using Adobe Creative Suite, proficient at overseeing print and colour management, and has an excellent eye for detail. Rachel is also qualified as a Prince2 Project Manager  with many years of working with Microsoft Office for project planning, scheduling and budgeting.

What is Surface Pattern Design?

Surface pattern design is a type of artwork created by a designer for the purpose of applying to any surface to enhance its visual impact and presence. Surfaces may include textiles, wallpapers, products, packaging, etc. 


There are two forms of surface design: Placement Design and Pattern Repeat. First we have Placement Design, which is generally a stand alone image placed in a controlled position on a product, (such as a t-shirt).  Then we have Pattern Repeat, where the designer has turned the pattern into an infinite technical repeat. Achieving a seamless repeat is essential in this case, especially for applications like textiles or wallpapers, where the design needs to cover a large area without any noticeable gaps or interruptions.


Surface pattern designers use various mediums such as illustration, painting, hand lettering, digital tools, and more to create their designs. The choice of medium often depends on the desired aesthetic, the intended surface for application, and the overall theme or concept of the design.

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