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Both Workshops and One-2-One Sessions are held in Bristol, either at my home, a hotel/venue or in your workplace depending on the number of people involved. Both workshops and One-2-One Sessions can be tailored to your invidival needs, depending on the type of business. I have traveled all over the UK to deliver workshops, and /or One-2-One sessions. If you are interested in putting together a group, I would be very happy to visit you. Please contact me below with any questions about workshops or On-2-One Session.

The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops
The Art Of Workshops

What people have said...

"Yesterday was such a useful day for me, so thanks again for everything. In fact I think it is definitely one of the most useful workshops I have attended in a long time, pitched at exactly the right level for us non-digital-native, slightly social-media-sceptical translators! Packed full of useful tips and tricks and extremely inspiring. Suddenly Twitter and Blogging make sense to me"  


Kari Koonin FITI, 

Professional Translator

"Also, after your fantastic Twitter workshop, I've been getting to grips with it, and getting some good action so to speak as a "shop window" and would love to have a blog as my "shop" - and feel there's a momentum going at the mo'.  


Sian Tudor,


"You were great Rachel. We all really enjoyed your lecture and learned loads. Thank you so much".


Sarah Moolla

Bath College

"My new blog is such an amazing platform for me to share my passion, build my brand, and direct traffic to my website. I wish i had attended your course over a year ago, as it is now straight forward and addictive. I now find the time to update the blog as often as possible, but mainly because I now understand how to utilise this amazing tool, which is free and supports my work, as well as communicating to potential customers. Thanks Rachel"  


Lisa Keating,

Corset Maker

"Thank you for the very informative workshop - it really was an eye-opener! I honestly couldn’t see the point of Twitter previously, but now I will get blogging and use Twitter to spread the word"    


Amanda Wilson, 

Lighthouse Translations

"Thank you so much again for the blogging workshop yesterday. I hope I didn't ask too many questions but am getting very excited about the blog. Will crack on with content and other homework as suggested and look forward to seeing you at the next workshop. Many, many thanks"


Mark Hessey,


Current workshops and On-2-One sessions

The Art Of Workshops are designed and run by Rachel Goodchild.

Meaning of the word 'Art'

Skill, technique, craft, method, aptitude, talent, flair, gift, finesse, mastery, expertise, profession

About the Workshops

The Art of  Workshops are run by me, Rachel Goodchild. I am a designer who has specialised in high-end gift packaging since 2001. My background, before becoming a designer, was as a trained teacher, my last teaching post being head of an IT department. Over the last 15 years of running my own business, I have designed for my own online shop and worked to commission for companies. I have created hundreds of designs, overseen print-runs, built websites and blogs, set up online shops, exhibited at trade shows and always marketed my own products. During these years I became more interested in the design and marketing side of the business. I became fascinated in the art of packaging in every form, and soon realised that the elements of fine packaging, to make a something stand out, can also be carried through into your business. My favourite quote, it's all about the packaging, can be quite relevant for any business. Your packaging is your company branding and how you, as a company, interact with the outside world. The world of marketing is fast and continually changing, with an online presence now a must for any business. When people are looking for something, be it a good hotel, a plumber, or a piece of artwork, their first stop is the internet (even if it is only to ask friends on social media for a recommendation). If you are not online, how do people find out about you? You need to move with the times and make sure you are visible and easy to find via online platforms. Once online, you need to make sure you have a good, strong company presence that helps your business to stand out.

In 2007 I became so interested by company packaging that I began creating a series of workshops for companies, which later became known as 'The Art Of' series. The Art Of  workshops has and, still is, growing organically over the years. With each workshop, I learn something new by listening to what people have to say, their worries and concerns with regard to business. Each workshop is usually added as a result of a company requesting help in a certain area. Having run my own business I know that you won't have time to read heavy, jargon filled, marketing books, you simply need practical advice and guidance as to how you move next. 


Rachel Goodchild

For more details about Rachel, see her bio: here


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