Company branding is the most efficient way to show your customers what your business is all about. Branding is more than just a company logo, it now also carries through to various visual aspects that form your overall company branding. In order to strengthen and manage the perceptions of your company, you will need a good strong branding throughtout. Once your design has been created you are then free to incorporate it to any product that is suitable to your comapny:


There are four categories of commissioning:


  • A) Bespoke design exclusive for your company 

  • B) Design using your company logo/brand

  • C) Design using an idea/sketch of yours

  • D) Layout & print-ready using your illustration

Products such as:

• Restaurant table cloths

• Gift wrap

• Tissue paper

• Gift bags

• Homewares

• Shop/cafe aprons

• Canvas bags

• Textile design

• Chocolate box

• Greeting cards

• Gift tags

• Bespoke xmas wrap

• Crockery Design

• Gift boxes

• Menus

• Rubber stamps

• Ribbon pattern

• Kitchenware

Suitable for:

• Shops

• Restaurants

• Hotels

• Museums

• Galleries

• Cafes

• Offices

• Stately homes

• Artists

• Garden centres

• Activity centres

• Publishers

• Builders

• Event venues

• Stationers

• Interior designers

• Castles

• Jewellery designers

Company Branding by Rachel Goodchild