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Milner Bird Pattern by Rachel Goodchild

Creating pattern for textile, product, home & Packaging

Dedicated to David Milner.

This pattern showcase was illustrated for David. David was a dear family friend who left this world far too early. This was early illustration I did with David in mind. The bird represents David - he is strong, but calm. He is sitting on a bunch of flowers, taking in their beauty before flying off.

Milner Bird wallpaper by Rachel Goodchild
Milner Bird Wallpaper

Milner Bird Art Print by Rachel Goodchild
Milner Bird Print

Milner Bird Grey cushion by Rachel Goodchild
Milner Bird Grey Cushion

Milner Bird Blue Plate by Rachel Goodchild
Milner Bird Blue Plate
Milner Bird Plum Cushion by Rachel Goodchild
Milner Bird Plum Cushion

Milner Bird Blue Sneakers by Rachel Goodchild
Milner Bird Blue Sneakers

For more samples of Rachel's Milner Bird pattern on products, please click here:


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Creating Pattern for Textile, Product, Home & Packaging

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