Gift Packaging

Bespoke Packaging Design


Quality packaging has a huge impact on consumer opinion.  More than 70% of purchasing decisions are made in the shop, with almost a third of product decision-making based on the packaging alone.

According to research packaging drives purchase more than other forms of marketing such as TV, Radio and online reviews. With 66% of consumers saying that they have tried a new product because of the packaging.


What is product packaging? 


Product packaging design refers to the look and style of the exterior of a product. For example the packaging of a product, a bag, box, or tissue paper, etc.  The design will include the type of material, as well as graphics or patterns used, including the overall colours and styling on the wrapping, box, bottle, bag, tissue, etc.


Why have bespoke packaging?


Packaging on a product plays an important role in how people see your brand. It is what makes your product stand out from the others, and more than anything, it will give you a individual style - that is unique to you and your company. 


Investing in good design packaging can lead to increased sales and a general recognition of your branding, therefore catching the eye of your regular customers and gaining new. Businesses have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest when businesses invest in their packaging.


Planning your Packaging

If you are thinking about having your own packaging design, it is important to think about...

  • What  am I selling?

  • What is the market I am trying to attract?

  • Where do I hope to sell my product?

  • How do people buy my product?

  • How can I make my product appealing?


Is this bespoke product a stand alone, or will you be introducing more similar brands later down the line. Draw a long term plan for your packaging, looking at the long term.

Packaging Fact

74 % of 18-25 year olds said they would share photos of lovely product packaging via social media. This can help influence peers and increase a companies overall brand exposure.

For more enquires about bespoke gift packaging, please contact Rachel via the Contact page.