In 2001 Rachel was creating paper collages for sale at exhibitions and in galleries. During this time she also started making hand-made cards to sell along side her artwork, and it wasn't long before she found herself with many outlets wanting to sell her hand-made cards.  After a year of making every single card by hand, she decided to get her cards litho printed (mainly to give her more time to create new artworks). With litho printed greetings cards, this meant that Rachel could sell to even more outlets. One thing led to another and soon gift wrap sheets were added to her growing collection, and a website was built for her to be able to sell to trade online.  She signed up for her first trade show in London and started gearing up to increase her outlets. She also joined Not on the Hight Street in 2006 in order to be able to sell direct to retail and remained with the company for several years.

ARCHIVE 2001 - 2006